Tree Spirit Wisdom


Weekend Intensive – May 16 & 17 – 2020

Explore the archetypal stories of 78 trees and how they hold the roots of our shared history and the collective unconscious. This weekend workshop will be a deep dive into ancient cultures as we demystify the Tarot and how it holds insights for our life’s journey.

Discover how nature, sacred geometry and the Kabbalah are intrinsically interconnected with trees, Tarot and world belief. Learn how to work with the Tarot as an inspirational and educational tool for connection, growth and guidance for yourself and others.

Place: Hawthorn Institute, Williams, OR

Time: 9 am – 4 pm (Sat & Sun)

Date: May 16 & 17 – 2020

    **Early Bird Registration – $250 (Save $50 thru 3/31/20)

Full Price Registration – $300 (Pre-registration is required)

Fee includesTree Spirit Tarot book, deck of cards and velvet pouch. ($60 value)

Bring a lunch – water, tea and snacks will be provided.

To register for class visit:

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